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Sun, 22/01/2017




22 January 2017


Dear shri Narendra Modi ji,




Sub: Immediate need to promulgate ordinance by the Union Government to delete bulls from the other wild animals list- Reg.


With all sincerity  and goodwill I am sending this e-mail letter to you for your kind immediate action to acknowledge the sentiments of Tamils, particularly the student community, cutting across religion and caste, who have distanced themselves from all the political parties of Tamilnadu.


May I draw your kind attention to my representation in person on 15.12.2016 at your office in the
Parliament House. Yourself gave the privilege to me to explain in detail about Jallikkattu sport which dates back to thousands and thousands of years as a Tamil tradition and culture.


In this Jallikkattu, the bulls are not at all harmed; whereas bulls are killed in Spain in the bull sport, which has been permitted by the Supreme Court of Spain.


Peta and Animal Welfare Board of India have launched an onslaught on the traditional cultural event Jallikkattu and the sentiments of Tamils. That is why, crores and crores of Tamils all over the world demand a ban on Peta, which has its headquarters in Virginia, USA and the Head office in Mumbai, India.


The real culprits in this whole episode are the Congress and DMK, who included the bulls reared in the houses alongwith the wild animals like lion, wolf, leopard, elephant and tiger on 11th July 2011.


On this ground the Supreme Court of India has banned Jallikkattu.


The ordinance promulgated yesterday, i.e. 21st January 2017, by the Governor Tamilnadu, is not
acceptable to the people of Tamilnadu, particularly millions of students who continue the agitation with discipline and peace, unprecedented in India.


Their apprehension about the future ban on Jallikkattu is justifiable, from the past experience in the Supreme Court. For the first time in the political history of Tamilnadu, not only the students but also mothers with their children, elders with their grand-children continue to participate in the peaceful agitation.


The reasonable question putforth by the people of Tamilnadu, Why not the Union Government promulgate an ordinance immediately to delete the bulls from the list of wild animals?


I am afraid, if immediate steps are not taken by your Government, the resentment of Tamils may turn into wrath and anger against the Union Government.


With all goodwill, I would request you to take immediate action to meet the demand of the Tamils, so that Jallikkattu could be performed without any barrier in the future.


The real culprits Congress and DMK are trying to fish in the troubled waters.


Once again I would place my request to you to satisfy the aspirations of the Tamils, providing a permanent solution to this issue, for which not only the Tamils of Tamilnadu but also Tamils all over the world would be grateful to you.


On this basis, I sent an e-mail to you on 16th January, when you were camping in Gujarat.


It is my duty to bring to your kind attention that the peaceful agitation may take a violent turn, which may cross all the limits, leading to unexpected consequences.


When you took a bold decision on demonitisation like a lightning, I came forward to welcome and
congratulate your decision. In this serious issue also, I take the privilege of expecting such immediate action from you.


With warm regards,


Yours sincerely,



Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi,

Prime Minister,

Government of  India,

New Delhi



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