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Wed, 18/01/2017





18 January 2017


Dear Shri Narendra Modi ji,


Vanakkam. I would extend my thanks on behalf of Tamils to you, that your government issued orders to include Thaippongal festival again in the list of compulsory holidays. I came to know that my e-mail letter dated 10th January 2017 on this matter was appreciated by you, even in the midst of your heavy schedule on that day in the state of Gujarat.


I heaved a sigh of relief when the status quo ante was maintained on Pongal holiday.


Now, I would draw your immediate kind attention to the following matter of serious concern, which has become the burning issue throughout the state of Tamilnadu, i.e. the significant issue of Jallikkattu.


For the past one month, the people of Tamilnadu, farmers, particularly the younger generation, mostly the students, have launched peaceful agitation to urge upon the Government of India to take immediate appropriate steps to lift the ban on Jallikkattu, imposed by the Supreme Court of India.


May I recall my apprisal of the Jallikkattu issue to yourself in person, when I got the privilege of meeting you on 15th December 2016, in your office in the Parliament House of India.


I explained the nature of jallikkattu, a Tamil cultural sport, dates back to thousands and thousands of years. The bulls are nurtured in the houses like their children by the farmers. When Jallikkattu takes place, the beautiful bulls of valour will run fast throwing away the youngsters who try to embrace them. That is why Jallikkattu was mentioned in ancient Tamil literature as Eaeru Thaluvuthal - that means embracing the bulls.


In Jallikkattu, the bulls are not at all harmed. On the other hannd, the youngsters who attempt to embrace the bulls get injured at sometimes. Hundreds of thousands of people, men, women, witness the  game and happily enjoy spectating the event. Tourists from foreign countries used to come every year to see the Jallikkattu sport.


Why Jallikkattu was banned? Who is the culprit?


The UPA Government headed by Congress and one of the constituent parties of the alliance DMK, are the real culpritsOn 11th July 2011, the UPA Government included the bulls, which are nurtured in the houses of farmers alongwith the wild animals, which should not be used for any public sport. The then minister of UPA Government, Mr. Jayaram Ramesh described Jallikkattu as a barbaric event.


The real culprit DMK party is  now trying to exploit the present scenario of agitation in Tamilnadu to make political capital by extending their support to the agitation and trying to put the blame on the Union and State governments.


In Spain, the bull fight is conducted since so many years, and the bulls are mostly killed as the spears are thrown on the neck of the bulls. However, the Supreme Court of Spain has lifted the ban on this sport imposed by Catalonia state Government.


I explained this matter in detail to you and you were convinced and told me that you will take  necessary   steps to lift the ban.


The Supreme Court of India has not delivered its verdict on this issue, eventhough the arguments of both sides have been heard.


The came to know through reliable sources that the Union government did not promulgate an ordinance to lift the ban as the judgment of the Supreme Court is reserved and pending on this issue.


Now, this problem is snowballing throughout the state. The people of Tamilnadu were terribly disappointed and frustrated during the Thaippongal festival as the ban on Jallikkattu was not lifted.


Spontaneously in many places youngsters attempted to conduct Jallikkattu and they were arrested by the police which resulted in lathi charge on the protesters.


Authorities thought that the peaceful agitation will not continue after the Pongal festival. On the other hand, the agitation is spreading like wild fire, particularly among the students. They do not belong to any political party. They themselves both boys and girls have boycotted the classes and organised rallies, fasting without indulging in violence.


The student community get angered as if an unjustifiable assault has been launched on Tamil culture and civilisation. I am afraid this agitation could take a serious stand as it happened in 1965, during the Anti-Hindi agitation. I could understand the pulse of the students as I started my political career in the student movement.


Under these circumstances, I would request you to consult the legal luminaries and take immediate measures to promulgate an ordinance to delete the bulls from the list of wild animals, which could be ratified by both Houses of the Parliament.


With all sincerity, I would inform you that any delay will whip up the spirit of the agitation which could not be prevented or curtailed by government forces.


It is my bounden duty to bring to your kind notice the real situation prevailing in the state of Tamilnadu on Jallikkattu issue.


Once again, I would request you to do the needful, for which myself and the Tamils, not only in Tamilnadu, all but over the world would be thankful to you.


With warm regards,


Yours sincerely,



Hon’ble Shri Narendra Modi,

Prime Minister,

Government of  India,

New Delhi


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