Donor Name District Blood Group
R ARANGANATHAN Trichy - Rural O +ve
M BUVANEESWARI Chennai - South A1B +ve
N PALANI SWAMY Coimbatore - Urban O +ve
M DHANALAKSHMI Chennai - South B +ve
K NATARAJAN Coimbatore - Urban Other
VELLAMANDI SOMU Trichy - Rural B +ve
T S SARAVANA KUMAR Trichy - Urban B +ve
S CHANDRAN Erode O +ve
CHOLAIMEDU P KUMAR Chennai - South B +ve
S ASHOK KUMAR Ramanathapuram A1B +ve
T SARAVANA KUMAR Trichy - Urban B +ve
U M MAHENDRAN Coimbatore - Urban B +ve
H GNANASEKAR Chennai - South O +ve
C SANJEEVAN Chennai - South O +ve
C KAMALAKASAN Ramanathapuram B +ve
K JAGANATHAN Trichy - Rural O +ve
T SIVANATHAN Trichy - Urban B +ve
M SATHAPAN Chennai - South O +ve
N NATARAJ Coimbatore - Urban O +ve
V VELAYUTHAM Chennai - South B +ve
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