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Mon, 06/02/2017





Dear Comrade Pinarayi Vijayan,


Vanakkam. I wish you all health and success in your endeavours. I felt so happy, when you became the Chief Minister of Kerala, which I conveyed you over telephone.


I infomed my intention to meet you in person and congratulate to Comrade Sitaram Yechury, General Secretary of Communist Party of India (Marxist), with a request for an appointment.


As you were very busy in the initial months, I did not want to embarras you. I would like to meet you either in the last week of February or first week of March at your


May I draw your kind attention to the following representation of Tamil Protection Movement of Thiruvananthapuram, which has sent a representation on 4th February 2017, regarding Harvey Palace at Harveypuram and 90 acres of land, which was
donated by the then Government of Travancore in 1892, to the eminent creative writer Professor Sundaram Pillai, who worked as the Professor of
philosophy in Maharaja College, Thiruvananthapuram.


Prof. Sundaram Pillai established ‘Saiva Prakasha Sabha’ to preach and spread Saiva Siddhanta. It is heartening to note that he taught saiva siddhanta to great Vivekananda.


Prof. Sundaram Pillai built a palace in the land alloted to him and named after his
renowned Professor Harvey as ‘Harvey Palace.’


Prof. Sundaram Pillai passed away in 1897.


His only son Mr Nataraja Pillai, served as a Legislative Member in the Travancore Assembly (6 times) and also as a Minister and the President of the Kerala State Congress Committee.


In the year 1916, Mr Nataraja Pillai participated in the agitation against the activities of the Diwan of Travancore Government. Due to this, the then Government forfeited 90 acre land and the palace from Nataraja Pillai.


The descendents and legal heirs of Prof. Sundaram Pillai, submitted a representation in 1968, to the then Chief Minister comrade EMS Namboothiripad, who considered the genuine request and assured them to return back the land and palace.


In between, the Kerala Government allotted the land to a private law college on lease basis. During the tenure of Congress Government of Mr Karunakara Menon, the land was allotted to one Mr Narayanan Nair.


To honour the commitment of the Travancore Government, and also to honour the assurance of Comrade EMS, I would request you to consider the genuine request of Tamil Protection Movement and take appropirate step to return the land and palace to the family of Prof. Sundaram Pillai for which Ishall be grateful to you.


With warm regards,


Yours sincerely,






Hon’ble Pinarayi Vijayan,

Chief Minister,

Government of Kerala,



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